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HEL Performance FMVSS-106 Type Approval
FMVSS-106 Approval

HEL Performance have obtained FMVSS-106 approval for their brake lines due to their own design of protection sleeve. Most companies who offer approved hoses have to either add a Teflon skirt which detracts from the look of the hose or use a guard designed for electrical leads which are extremely hard to put on.

We can also supply the USA marketplace with DOT approval thanks to the FMVSS-106 approval our hoses obtained in both Sweden and in the UK.

Hose kits are now also being made available through a distributor in New Zealand with LVTA approval and now in Australia with ADR approval also obtained through our FMVSS-106 approval.

FMVSS-106 is a series of tests designed to put brake line assemblies through a rigorous chain of individual tests to emulate a lifetime of road use. These tests obviously show any hose assembly which is unable to comply with these requirements by failing the hose during the rigorous test cycle.

Most stainless steel braided brake line assemblies will pass all but one of the tests required to obtain full FMVSS-106 approval and these include:

Labelling, Constriction, Expansion, Burst Strength, Whip Resistance, Tensile Strength, Low Temperature Resistance, Brake Fluid Compatibility and End Fitting Corrosion Resistance.

All of the above requirements should be able to be met by any manufacturer with the exception of the Whip Resistance test due to the properties of the stainless steel braid. This test states "A hydraulic brake hose assembly shall not rupture when run continuously on a flexing machine for 35 hours".

HEL Performance have met this requirement by the inclusion of our own special guards which simply heat shrink onto the hose leaving a clean and uncluttered end.

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HEL Whip Guard

In our latest whip resistance tests carried out by an independent laboratory our hoses far outlasted the 35 hours stated in the requirements of S5.3.3 of FMVSS-106:

Hose Assembly
Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4
Whip Test Time (hrs)

All of the above assemblies were removed from the test rig after the number of hours indicated had elapsed and all four assemblies were removed intact - To our knowledge no other company has been able to exceed our 93.14 hours without failure leaving the brake hose intact.

HEL Performance continually strive to provide the most advanced and highest quality products to our customers at all times. The Whip Resistance Test is just another example of how we always exceed the requirements of any test our hoses are subjected to guaranteeing the quality, reliability and performance you require whilst retaining the clean and uncluttered looks of our hose assemblies.

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