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Mounting Instructions for HEL Performance Oil Line Kits.

Some oil line kits only replace a section of the original hose. If your kit has red jubilee clip covers on each of the hoses then it replaces a section of the original hose. This is due to the fact that the original hoses use specialist flange adaptors to connect the cooler to the engine. In these instances a section of the original metal tube needs to be cut away leaving two metal pipes - one from the cooler and one from the engine. the gap that has been left by this action is then replaced by pushing each end of our high performance stainless steel braided oil line onto each metal pipe and secured by tightening the jubilee clip as shown below in Figure 2:

HEL oil lines

Mounting Instructions For HEL Performance Cooler Kits

You will find that our oil coolers have a mounting tab located at each of the eight corners of the oil cooler. If you choose to mount the cooler using these tabs please make sure that:

HEL Performance oil cooler kit bracket assembly

The tabs do not take the weight of the cooler and that they are only used as a way of securing the cooler to the brackets.

They are used in a way that does not distort the cooler.

The cooler is rubber mounted using the mounting rings supplied in accordance with the diagram.

The cooler is spaced away from the frame by a minimum of 2rnrn. No part of the cooler matrix should be in contact with the motorcycle frame.

Lower Bracket Trimming Pattern

Our oil cooler brackets have been specially designed and CNC machined to allow them to fit several different models of motorcycle. They will normally be supplied ready to fit although on some models the lower mounting lugs will need to be modified as per the following cutting pattern to fit GSXR1100'S, GSXR750'S, GSF600 Bandits and GSF1200 Bandits.

The lower bracket is shown below w it h the location lugs closest to you as you are looking at the back of the bracket i.e. with cutting marks visible:

HEL Oil Cooler Mounting Instructions

GSF600 Bandit 96-00 Cut Along B
GSF600 Bandit 01 -on Cut Along B
GSF1200 Bandit 95 - 00 Cut Along A and C
GSF1200 Bandit 01 - on Cut Along A and C
GSXR750 J K No Cut Required
GSXR750 G H LM N Cut Along A and C
GSXR1100 K No Cut Required
GSXR1100 G H J L M N Cut Along A and C

Improper mounting of the cooler can result in damage that will not be covered by our warranty. Each cooler is pressure tested to 170psi and is warranted as follows. HEL warrants that it's oil coolers will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase and this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of parts and the necessary labour and service to repair or replace these goods. In no event shall this warranty exceed the original purchase price of the oil cooler, nor shall HEL be responsible for special, incidental or consequential damages. By purchasing and fitting this oil cooler kit you are deemed to have accepted this warranty. HEL shall not be liable for examples of misuse or abuse of their coolers, examples of which, but are not limited to, outlined as follows. Improper mounting, damage to fittings by over torquing during removal of fittings, bursting the cooler due to a faulty pressure relief valve or by high revving the engine before the oil has reached optimum temperature. Any product believed to be defective should be returned to HEL with postage prepaid, the original invoice and a letter outlining any non conformance. It is expressly understood that this warranty shall be in lieu of all other warranties of fitness and in lieu of the warranty of merchantability and that there are no other warranties, expressed or implied.

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